Shahryar is a South Asian, Muslim stand-up comedian based in Washington, DC. He performs regularly at comedy clubs such as DC Improv in addition to private events such as corporate functions, non-profit fundraisers and family celebrations.

He has been doing stand-up since 2002 and his material covers topics such as work, marriage, family, culture and every day observations.

He has been featured in the Washington Post, the Washington City Newspaper, Voice of America and has appeared on the Art Campbell Show amongst other press.

Check out his schedule to see where he’s performing next or reach out to him if you are interested in having him perform at a private event.  You can learn more about him and see his work on this site, YouTube, or Facebook.

He’s also interested in creative writing, such as screenplays, short stories and plays.  In 2004, he co-wrote a pilot for a sitcom called Independents which was a finalist and semi-finalist in two different contests.  In 2005, he wrote a one-act play called The History Lesson which was selected to be performed at a one-act festival.

When he’s not on-stage or writing, you might find working as a IT specialist for the Federal Government or at home with his family.