Press and Mentions

The Washington Post’s Metro Section front page: “Always look on the Bright Side of Strife” – March 1, 2013

Shahryar was profiled in The Washington Post’s Metro Section with a front page spread and in The Washington Post’s online video outlet, The Fold, with a video when The Post wanted to cover local comedians discussing the sequester on-stage.

Link to The Fold video

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The Washington Post’s The Fold profile: “Furloughed by Fed, employee polishes stand-up act” – October 3, 2013

As a follow up to the March profile, The Fold sent a team out to Shahryar’s house once the Furlough happened.  They interviewed him during the day and then accompanied him to a show that night which they recorded.

Link to The Fold video

The Washington Post’s Sunday Style Feature: “Seriously Funny” – June 10, 2007

While the Funniest Fed contest was running in 2007, the Washington Post did quite a bit of coverage on it. This was their big article which featured all the comedians who were in the semi-finals. Each comedian got to speak about themselves a bit and also had a short video from their set online as part of a voting poll (which Shahryar won with 493 votes). He also had a quick quote in this related “Comedy Essentials” article.

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Washington City Paper: “With Funny Feds Series, DC Shorts Makes Moviegoing More Social” – June 11, 2014

Shahryar hosted a unique event that combined the best of the Funniest Feds contest with DC shorts.  He got a quick shout out from Funniest Feds creator, Naomi Johnson, with the following quote:

He’s a fed, he’s smart, he’s clean,” says Johnson. “He’s just one of the absolute best comedians in the D.C. scene right now.”

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WUSA9 Funniest Fed News Report – June 22, 2007

WUSA9 had a feature on the Funnniest Fed contest after it wrapped up. Included in their video is one of Shahryar’s bits.

Link to News Report, Link to video (wmv)(will put up soon)

“Inside the Mind of a Stand-Up Comic Vying for Title of ‘Funniest Fed’” Voice of America Wordmaster Interview – June 12, 2007

After the Washington Post ran the large Sunday Source feature on the Funniest Fed, Avi Arditti from Voice of America reached out to Shahryar for an interview.

Link to Article, Link to audio (mp3)

Census Counter Parts Newsletter – September, 2007

Census Counterparts newsletter

When the Census Bureau got wind of Shahryar performing at the Funniest Fed contest, rather than scold him for making fun of the Census on stage, they featured him in their newsletter Census Counterparts. Editor Montgomery (Monty) Woods sat down with him for about an hour and this article is what came out of it.

Link to Article (PDF)

Census Counterparts January 2010

In late 2009, Shahryar competed in the Funniest Fed Contest again and this time was runner-up. Again, he had an excellent experience and was featured in the Census Counterparts newsletter again.

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Fairfax Station Clifton Connection – A Night To Decide D.C.’s Funniest Feds

A brief mention of Shahryar in this article on the 2009 Funniest Fed contest.

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Express Night Out (Washington Post’s Express) – Secrets of the Funny Business: The Pursuit of Laughter in D.C

Shahryar briefly discuss stand-up comedy in DC in this article by Stephanie Kanowitz.

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