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Retiring R1i’s favorite Kojo (the comedian) videos

Kojo’s two stand-up videos from 2006 (which got the most views on the channel at 4,732 views & 852 views) have been retired at Kojo’s request Kojo: … also, any chance you can retire those old stand-up clips of me on your R1i youtube channel Shahryar: I can retire those clips if you want.. […]

Upcoming Nokia E71 and E66 I would consider to replace my N76 – but most probably won’t

I myself use two cell phones – my main one being a N76 with T-mobile, my secondary phone being n HTC Mogul for Sprint. It’s a good set up because I do my fast, phone functions on my main phone, and keep the Mogul for my secondary, data intensive functions. The N76 is nice, but […]