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A longtime aspiration since he was a kid, Shahryar got his big break in screenwriting in 2021 he won Open Screenplay’s animated series TV Pilot contest for Time Hoppers.

As a result, he was brought on alongside the 2nd place winner Zeyneb Taspinar to bring the show to life. There’s also a video game too which they’ll be writing the levels for. Both the show and the game will launch in 2023.

His other notable work is the TV comedy sitcom pilot for Independents, which co-wrote with his friend Usman Sheikh. It was a finalist in the Acclaim TV Writing contest and a semi-finalist in the PAGE International Screenwriting contest.

Independents main page

Besides screenwriting, Shahryar does other types of writing including playwriting and short story reading. His play The History Lesson was acted out in the 2005 NETSAP STAGE One Act Festival. 2

You can read more of his work by going through his posts on writing.