Why my next phone doesn’t look like it will be a Nokia

I’ve been a mobile phone user for over 10 years now and the majority of my phones have been Nokias.  As a matter of fact, my first phone was a Nokia (I got into my extensive Nokia history here in this post I wrote last year: http://ifweran.com/nokia-we-would-change-around-quite-a-few-things/2010/08/ )

My current phone is a N95 8gb which I have had now for almost 2 years.  The phone is starting to die, but even then, I’m also needing my phone to do some other main things (example 3g+ on t-mobile).  I’m looking for a replacement, but unfortunately, nothing in Nokia’s arsenal is catching my eye.

My need is pretty simple – I want my same phone again but want it to do more.  I’m a very big (one of the last it seems) proponent of the keypad.  Out of everything a phone can do, I care most about how fast and easy it is to type on.  This has always been my driving force with my phones

It is why I kept using my 8890, 6170, and now my N76 for so long. I’m mainly using my phone while doing something (walking, driving – yes I know it’s wrong) and that is when the keypad is your friend.

I got my hopes up with the X3-02 but it’s just too limited for me to do anything with (as it was meant to be). But a capable Nokia touchscreen phone with a keypad is what I dream about late at night.

So, with me being unable to get a good phone in keypad form, this means I’m going to have to settle for a phone with a keyboard.  So far I have demo-ed 3 phones from my friends at Womworld Nokia: The N97 Mini, the N900, and a few months ago the C7.  The N97 Mini I wrote a very critical review about, The N900 just wasn’t for me (I know it’s a mini-computer that became a phone, but that’s not really my cup of tea), and the C7 I also was not impressed by (I still haven’t written my review yet).

So the big question – if I have to go with a phone with a keyboard, why am I not going with the E7 (or something? And the reason is that I love Nokia but don’t like Symbian.  A few years ago, all the extra stuff you couldn’t do with a phone really wasn’t a big deal, but now it is.  My wife had her 8801 from ’06-’08 and was so in love with the form, she didn’t care about apps, etc.  She then got her N82 and was happy with that too – until she started noticing around her what others were doing with their iPhone.  In Summer 2010, I got her an iPhone finally and she’s doing a lot more with a phone than she ever did with a Nokia (although now she’s not happy with it and wants something else).  I know there are apps out there, etc but it’s just not as easy as with the other guys.  And the apps.. well app on Nokia I do use hard (Gravity) still feels it lacks something.  There are always those other things that bothered me too – like how I couldn’t change the default browser to much smoother Opera Mini.  Also how it still doesn’t play nice with macs (The Nokia Multimedia Transfer app for example doesn’t even run on intel – thus requiring Rosetta to run and hogging more resources on my computer.  And it doesn’t even delete my pictures after importing them).

So, all things the same, I’d rather consider another OS (and as a result, unfortunately, another phone).  All things not the same (i.e. keypad),  I would stay with Nokia and be ok with doing the MAIN things I need well and not be able to do other things.

I’m going to keep an eye on Nokia because of this whole Windows Mobile 7 thing.  And as I mentioned, I love the Nokia phone and think it is a superior phone to others.  I’ll still keep rooting for Nokia and getting excited when I run into their events, like this one in Kuala Lumpur:

Shahryar at the Nokia E7 Roadshow

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