Was going with Sprint (for using our iPhones) our cheapest option?

When we decided we were going to do iPhones, we decided on Sprint because we expected them to have the lowest monthly costs. However, I’m starting to wonder if that is the case.

I started my service with Sprint in late November and have three lines in our plan for me, my wife, and my mom.The first two bills had activation fees on them and also didn’t have my 15% discount. But the latest January bill seems to be the one that will be consistent and it seems my monthly cost will be $174.40 for a plan with everything included for using iPhones and 1500 shared minutes.

But my doubts are in two areas. One, we’re barely using our monthly minutes. The most we’ve used is 542 minutes. Since even calls to mobile numbers is included, this is basically a bucket of minutes to use in the daytime of weekdays to non-mobile numbers. Between our three lines, we’re barely making calls here.

Second, our data’s nothing noteworthy either. Last month we all used what appears to be 600-700 MBs for the month (btw – really impressed my mom is keeping up with us with her data usage). The first full month we were at the most – 1Gb (me), 1.5GB (my wife), and a few hundred MBs for my mom.

Sprint’s got the unlimited feature so nothing really to do with data. But I was hoping that we could lower our monthly minute allowance to save. Unfortunately, because we have smartphones on our plan, we can’t go lower than the 1500 Anytime Minutes Shared Plan.

So this means from now until the end of our time with Sprint, we are stuck paying $175ish a month for our three lines and can never pay any less. For the way we’re using our phones, I’m wondering if going with Sprint is/was our cheapest option.

I think the one other element worth mentioning for comparison are our messages. With Sprint everything’s included. We’re using a little under a thousand messages between all lines.

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