The suits and dress shirts I bought in 2010

A few days ago I saw an ad for Raja Fashions in the financial times, saying that they would be here in DC taking measurements for suits that would be made in Hong Kong and shipped back.  I thought it would be something good to check out and coincidentally, me, my cousin Ali, and Joe Kim were discussing suits and buying through this method a month or so ago. The last time I bought suits was almost a year ago when I was visiting India in January.  My friend Faizan had recommended a place called Karan-Nassir in Delhi.  When I visited there, I got 2 suits and 3 dress shirts made.  The total cost for everything was $877.70 (+ a transaction fee of $26.33 which I guess shouldn’t count).  So let’s say $350ish a suit, $60ish a dress shirt. 

The unfortunate thing is that I don’t know any details of what I ordered.  I had taken the suits and one of the dress shirts with me today when I went to see the Raja Fashion people.  The person I worked with was Vishal Daswani, who I believe is a relative (son?) of Raja M. Dawani, who owns and runs the company.  He had felt one of the suits and said they were a polyester blend, not 100% wool which is what I would be getting from them.  He also complained about the cut on my jackets.  On one of them, he pointed out how the suit was coming out above my button and not sitting right on my back collar.  On the other one, which I felt was a bit big after seeing a picture (Which I have to find and put up) he said the shoulders were about a quarter to a half inch too big.  I just checked a picture of me wearing it again and it doesn’t seem too bad:

I was wearing one of the dress shirts I had made from Karan Nasir and he said the cut was good but the waist had too much fabric and wasn’t cut slim enough.

The suit I bought today from Raja Fashion was super 100 fabric and the dress shirt Sea Island Cotton.  The suit he said was $400 and the shirt $100 but eventually, the deal worked out was $400 total for suit and shirt.  The super 120 suit was at first $550 and he was willing to include the dress shirt and eventually go down to $500 for both but I went with the $400 deal.  The color is dark grey and the pattern is herringbone.  The dress shirt was a light blue color with french cuffs and semi-spread collar. 

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