The Funny Usman Asim

Man.. I love cleaning out my inbox.

Hopefully you guys have already read the first and second e-mails from my cousin Erum Baji. This is another funny email from my inbox. It’s from one of my oldest, closest, and funniest friends Usman.

lol.. he was having a bad day, but still was determined to write for a copy of The Kru, Rizvi 1 Imagination’s (then Rizvi 1 Entertainment) first (almost) full length production. Anyways, I thought this e-mail was blogworthy and would give you guys a laugh:

From : Muhammad Asim
Sent : Sunday, October 15, 2000 7:06 PM
To :

Wow it has been a really great day today, I don’t where to begin. Well I can start by telling you my starting quarterback in fantasy football has thrown 3 interceptions in only the first half, that is super duper.
Next I went to the ATM (Automatic Tutty Machine) and it took my card, that was great. Wait there is more, the phone lines in my building are not working, Yeeehaaaw.
Well I really hope that things are going much better on your end of the world. Anyways the reason I am e-mailing you is to give you my address so you can mail me the first installation of quality production from Rizvi1Entertainment. I know the movie still has a couple of weeks from its premiere but I just wanted you to have my address well ahead of time.
I should get going now maybe I’ll get lucky and get in a car accident.

Usman Asim
Ft. Campbell, KY 42223

For you Non-south asian people – From this e-mail, Your Urdu word for today is “tutty” which means shit. You can add this to your growing vocabulary list which started with yesterday’s word of the day, “Baji”. Now, try making a sentence out of Baji and “Tutty.”

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