The Fold by Washington Post features me in their video

So I posted yesterday about the interview and performance at Topaz that the Washington Post recorded. They are doing a story on the sequester and how the DC comedians are covering it.

Today The Fold from the Washington Post put the video out:


It’s really great. It mixes up my material with the interview they conducted after the set.

Me and Gabe talked about using some more of the material in my set to touch on other topics but ultimately decided to stick with the sequester topic only. I hope in the future that maybe the other footage and other interview questions can be used for another story.

Oh, and also, I loved the tweets The Fold put out when the video was ready:



Someone else on twitter had shared the article using the “Nobody’s going to dance with a keyboard shirtless now” phrase too:


A few days later, @postvideo also shared the video:


And the next day, the full article came out.

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