The Blackberry Bold is Terrible. So is RIM

My Nokia N95 8gb pretty died recently and for the first time since 2005, I have been using a non-Nokia phone as my primary phone.  The phone right now is the BlackBerry Bold which I hate more and more every day because of something new that I discover it can’t do.  But moreso, it’s RIM that I’m most amazed with because I can’t believe that a phone this recent has these kinds of flaws.  If the company make features like these, I fear it’s ability to last in a mobile world where anything is supposed to be possible.

This post has started on 7/12/2011, but I will keep revisiting it to fill in the things I’ve already found but haven’t documented yet and also the things I discover in the future.

Reason 7/12/2011- I had a bunch of images on my phone and connected to my Mac’s BlackBerry Desktop Software to pull off but it wouldn’t pull them since they weren’t on a media card (since I don’t have one):

So I thought, I would just pull off via BlueTooth, but turns out the BlackBerry bold doesn’t have the necessary services to pull off the images:

So I went to initiate the bluetooth transfer of the images from the phone within the Files program (file manager/explorer equivalent) but it turns out you can’t select multiple files.  So I had to manually send each one of my 40+ imagesand accept the transfer on my mac each time (maybe I could have turned this auto-accept in retrospect).  Then go back and manually delete each one off my phone.

More later..


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