Testimonials and Feedback

Below are some of the testimonial highlights from the people who’ve hired Shahryar for private shows over the years.  Also feedback from people who’ve enjoyed the performances.

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January 2018: Hwaida’s Private Birthday Event

“.. home. We had around 75 guests and everyone couldn’t stop laughing. His comedy revolved around..”

July, 2016: Eid Banquet dinner in Sterling, VA

“…highly recommend him for your event, his routine was hilarious, relatable and had an edge that was enjoyed by all…”

August, 2015: Montgomery Muslim County Foundation


“..The crowd adored Shahryar. With an audience ranging from high school students to the elderly, many comedians would have struggled to engage such a diverse audience, yet Shahryar pulled off this daunting feat with ease…”

May 2012: Tiferith Synagogue:

“We hired Shahryar as the opening act for a private fundraising event at a synagogue in Washington, D.C., and he was terrific.  All our advance arrangements with..”

September 2011: Association of Indian Muslims Annual Eid Dinner

“Shahryar performed a 30 minute stand-up comedy act at the annual dinner of the Association of Indian Muslims of America in Rockville, MD.  The audience of about 150 people connected very..

November 2009: “..Made me laugh until I cried..”

Of all the feedback I’ve received, I think this is my favorite one from a 2012 private show in MD:
“I liked that part when the funny comedian from the terrorist country…”