Still no Final Resolution with Comcast

Back in late December, I made a blog post about the woes we were having with Comcast at my parents house. I made the blog post after I made multiple calls to Comcast’s customer service and nothing got resolved.
The blog post was a good move. After I made it and tweeted about, Comcast Cares representatives tweeted me back:








Comcast Cares rep Matt even commented on the Blog post.

I e-mailed Comcast Cares as I was told and shortly after, started an e-mail exchange with Gwendolyn Owens Britton. There have been some adjustments made to the bill which I appreciate (I think maybe enough to cover the overcharging up to now, it was done in a complicated way so it’s hard for me to tell). However, the issues I’ve had still haven’t been corrected.

Below is the e-mail exchange I’ve had so far with Gwendolyn:

On Dec 21, 2011, at 11:58 AM, “Owens-Britton, Gwendolyn” wrote:

Dear Mr. Rizvi,

Thank you for contacting our Regional Executive Office with your questions and concerns.  We value your business and would like the opportunity to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. My call center supervisor, Suba Bannister, is retrieving phone conversations from your initial call for service. We ask that you allow the time needed to accomplish this. It is very important that we get all of the facts so that we can resolve your concerns properly and fairly. I apologize for the inconvenience. In the interim, I suggest you make a payment based on what you feel your cost should be, then we will gladly adjust the account accordingly. Because you have services that you are using, not paying anything will ultimately result in suspension of your service. Thank you again for your patience.

Please contact me via response to this email or at 410-513-3279 at your earliest convenience so I can be of assistance.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Reference #:  xxxx

Gwen Britton

From: Shahryar Rizvi
Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2011 3:39 PM
To: Owens-Britton, Gwendolyn
Cc: <my family)
Subject: Re: Comcast

Ms.  Owens-Brittons,

Thank you for reaching out to me and update me on the status of resolving this. Have you read the detailed blog post explaining specifically what is going on?

Here is the link:

This should help give an idea of where all the issues lie between what I was expecting with charges and services offered and what I am receiving/have received.

I read what you said about payment being done soon  based on what I feel it should be. I have had the service for two months and a few days. If you look on my blog post, you will see that I was expecting to pay $172.38 a month before taxes, fees, etc.

The breakdown from my post is here:

  • $99 for the Digital Starter Package which included phone, 16Mbps (or mbps) Internet, and the first 100 cable channels (FX, ESPN, AMC, etc).
  • $$7 for the modem (I had gotten an old Comcast modem from my brother in law and was even told that it would work but later learned it wouldn’t because a newer modem now came with Comcast if you had phone service with them).
  • 2 HD DVR boxes for $9.95 each
  • 3 non-HD, non-DVR boxes for $2.50 each
  • Zee TV and SET Asia for $24.99
  • 300 International Minutes for $14.99 (I confirmed that the countries we usually call would be included and that calls to mobile numbers would be included as well)
  • HBO for $6

So based on that, I will pay the amount of $172.38 x 2 = $344.76 plus $15 x 2 for the approximate taxes, fees a month. That total is $374.76.

I have cc-ed my father and brother who handle making our family’s bill payments.

If you could reply all with the account number that would be a big help. We will make this payment ASAP.

Shahryar Rizvi

On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 7:05 PM, Owens-Britton, Gwendolyn wrote:

Hello Sir,

I have forwarded this email over to Ms. Bannister to review for additional credit regarding the international calls to mobile phones. I’d like to reiterate as you have now been made aware, we do not honor international calls made between mobile phones. These calls are not part of the package. Please see your account information above to pass on to your family members.

Thanks again for your continued patience with this.

Gwen Owens-Britton
Comcast Executive Customer Care Team
8110 Corporate Dr White Marsh, MD 21236
Office Hours
9:00am-6:00pm Monday-Friday

From: Shahryar Rizvi
Sent: Friday, December 23, 2011 11:04 AM
Owens-Britton, Gwendolyn

Subject:Re: Comcast/ Account#

Ms. Owens Britton,

Thank you for informing me of the Account number for the Comcast account ( —- ). I am cc-ing my brother and father on this message so they can make a prompt payment to Comcast.

I am assuming that the amount I said I was going to be pay is fine?

I have notified my family not to make any more international calls for the time being. Please send me a detailed breakdown of all the international calls which were made from my house. If the numbers are all mobile numbers and don’t fall in that 300 minute International package’s bucket then I might as well ditch that package since it would be useless to me. But before I do, I want to see what minutes, if any, we consumed from that batch during all of our international calls.

I have been notified by my brother that internet and phone are working in the house but the Comcast TV has stopped working. I hope that with this payment services can be resumed.

On Fri, Dec 23, 2011 at 3:17 PM, Owens-Britton, Gwendolyn  wrote:

Hello Sir,

You are correct. The balance owed is 374.76. Service should be restored at this point. The telephone may take up to 6 hrs for restoration, however, all other service should be working.

I am not able to give a breakdown of your calls per the privacy act of the FCC. You will have to go online to view the detail log.

Gwen Owens-Britton
Comcast Executive Customer Care Team
8110 Corporate Dr White Marsh, MD 21236
Office Hours
9:00am-6:00pm Monday-Friday

On Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 5:15 PM, Shahryar Rizvi wrote:
Ms. Owens-Britton,

It’s been over a month since we last spoke. Since then, I have received one new bill dated 1/7/2012.

It seems some corrective actions have occurred in the forms of credits and bill adjustments; however, the recurring charges still do not seem to be corrected.

It seems the monthly charging amount has still not become the expected $182.38 +taxes, fees etc. (Note: This amount is different than the original amount or $172.38 discussed in the previous e-mails because we had requested the some more channels in late December which were an additional $10.)

As we discussed before, in late December I paid $374.76, which was my expected amount of $172.38 x 2 + $15 in taxes, fees etc x 2. There had been two months of service between late October until late December when I paid.

So for my 1/7/2012 bill, I was expecting I would be getting a bill that was adjusted to the amount due of $182. Instead, the amount due was $296.15. This is over a hundred dollars more than I was expecting.

Let me give you the breakdown of the bill and in bold are the trouble areas:

  • Preferred XF and HD Preferred XF  (1/18-2/27) – $103.84
    I’m not sure why there are both of these here, but the  amount adds up to approx. $104 which is around $10 more than the Starter XF and expected.
  • Zee TV and SET Asia (1/18- 2/27) $24.99
  • HBO (1/18-2/17) $6
  • Additional Outlet Svc – Digital Converter – Starter 3 @ $9.25 each, HD DVR Service $9.95, HD Technology Fee $9.25, Digital Converter 2 at $0 each (1/18-2/17) = $27.75 + $9.95 + $9.25
    This was something critical that still has not been fixed. As I mentioned in the original e-mail, I was expecting to pay $9.95 each for 2 HD DVR boxes and $2.50 each for 3 non-HD, non-DVR boxes. This was told to me over the phone and should have been verified when the original order was reviewed. Here I am paying double what was expected. In addition, I still don’t have the correct boxes I was promised which were 2 HD DVR boxes. I just have one HD DVR box and one regular HD box.
  • Modem Rental (1/18-2/17) $7
  • $16.38 in international
    Worldwide Minutes (1/18-2/17) $14.95
    International Credit 12/23 (-$305.67)
    Universal Connectivity Charge/Regulatory Recovery Fee (12/16-1/17 and 1/18-2/17) approx $8
    Seems this addresses my complaints on the overage charges. I was never told about the calls to mobile numbers not being included. However, the refund of $305.67 more than addresses the overage charges I have incurred so far with you since the start of service. Those charges have been $18.89 in November, $14.79 in December, and $16.38 in May. There is approx $250ish extra in refunds going on here – I’m guessing to address other mischarges in other areas?This topic still needs to be discussed though. A Worldwide Minutes package is useless if I cannot call Mobile. In PAkistan, etc where I call, everyone is mainly on Mobile. Much like here in the U.S. I know Verizon FIOS lets you call Mobile numbers in their worldwide minutes package, why is yours different?
  • Partial Month Charges & Credits (12/16-1/17) Starter XF to Preferred XF/HD Preferred XF = (-$105.38) + $85.39 + $30.47 = $10.48
    This seems to be the $10 for December to January which is fine
  • Billing error 12/21 – (-$182.14)
    Again, a fairly large refund. Adding this to the over-refund of the international calls and I wonder if this covers all the overcharging that has occurred since the service started. But it would be difficult to figure out
  • Administrative Fee Late Payment 12/23 $45.42
    I don’t agree with this charge. I have no problem paying my bills on time but want to pay correct expected bills
  • Taxes, etc – $12.12

So that’s my analysis of the 1/7/2012 bill. I’m not really sure what to do here. I want to just pay the amount I expected to pay from the start which would be about $200.

There is a lot to still figure out. Perhaps it might be easier to have a phone call.

Shahryar Rizvi

So that’s where I’m stuck with that. Today I made a payment of $275ish. There is still some left to pay, but I’m looking at $100 more than what I expected to pay monthly.

I’ve made a spreadsheet which I think helps visually shows the issues going on and where they are going.

Click on this to see the expanded version:

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