Shows and Appearances

You can see my upcoming shows on the right side bar.

Usually, you can catch me on stage at the following:

  • The DC Improv: I’m here every few months. I’ve hosted for Jake Johanneson, Ari Shaffir, and others.  I’ve also participated in the Improv Lounge events including Saturdays showcases and Festival auditions.

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  • Curt Shackelford’s Saturday show in Bethesda: I’m here usually every other month.
  • Various Funniest Fed shows: After placing Semi-Finalist in the ’07 Contest, then runner up in the ’09 contest, I’ve been a regular part of Funniest Fed events. I’m usually at the DC Shorts Laughs! events held 1-2 times a year.

Below are my some of my past shows of note – these are just some of them, there’s a lot more which you can also see by browsing through my posts and Facebook fan page.