Shiraz’s Wardrobe

Shiraz is a decently dressed guy with a fairly decent wardrobe. But he’s very conservative with his clothes and to me, this is grounds to make fun of him. So very calm and serious, whenever people are around, I always go “oh is that the jacket you bought at Bradlees?” lol… it’s a nice, normal jacket that I think he actually got from Banana Republic, but because I actually say the word Bradlees (a store that doesn’t exist anymore), it’s so random that people believe it and go “oh.. cool.” He hates this to death, and gets aggravated, but I keep my calm so he can’t say anything and people just have to believe, on Thanksgiving weekend I did another spin on his wardrobe with one of his conservative light blue shirts. I said, “oh nice.. is that your father’s shirt?” and it made him laugh uncontrollably, while pissing him off uncontrollably.He told me he hates this and wonders why I do this. I told him the truth. “I have no idea.” Next time you see Shiraz, point out his Bradlees jacket and/or his father’s dress shirt.

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  • Asma says:

    Yeah…so i got this urge to google ur name and Shiraz’ name…and came across the conservative Shiraz…bichaara Shiraz…u’re such a meany…making fun of him…ohhh 🙁
    And yeah…sooooo…i guess i’m a couple of years late to defend my bro…but hey…it’s never too late huh? 😉

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