Shiraz Having a Bad Day

My e-mail to Shiraz:
To: shiraz
Subject: buy this router – now

your router sucks and on top of that, you’ve lost the password to it. So buy this router instead:

it’s only $62 w/ a $10 rebate. I just bought one myself. you can do a lot of
shit to it to make it better.

Linksys WRT54GL
Wireless-G Broadband Router with Linux

Click here for the $10 Mail in Rebate!!

Subtotal $62.94

Shiraz’s Response:

To: Shahryar
From: Shiraz
Subject: Re: buy this router – now

Cool, can you find me a good deal on some rope too? I’m planning on hanging myself this week.

-Cry for help.

Shiraz Hussain
J.P. Morgan Securities Inc.
North America Credit Markets

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