Retiring R1i’s favorite Kojo (the comedian) videos

Kojo live At Dremos 2005

Kojo live At Dremo's 2005

Kojo’s two stand-up videos from 2006 (which got the most views on the channel at 4,732 views & 852 views) have been retired at Kojo’s request

also, any chance you can retire those old stand-up clips of me on your R1i youtube channel

Shahryar: I can retire those clips if you want.. I would prefer not too since I think they are awesome.. but if you want them down, I can take them down
can I ask why though?

Kojo: yeah, there pretty old and I wanna throw some more recent ones on there by years end

Shahryar: ok, I’ll retire them, but I’m putt ing a blog post up before I retire them
they are my fave sets of yours
and the leading hits on my channel
everyone I show them too is like.. damn

Kojo: hahaha

Shahryar: who’s that
he’s awesome

Kojo: you don’t have to delete them. you can keep them in your personal archives

Shahryar: oh that was going to happen
if yuou asked that
I would lie and say I have deleted it
and then watched it ever night like I usually do before going to bed
“… bring entrees..”

Kojo: hahaha

Shahryar: I haven’t seen you perform in the while
you’re still in the game right?

Kojo: took one foot out, but i’m about to put it back in. You’ll see me out soon

Shahryar: alright.. you’re in my top 3
so don’t leave
you Mauer and Ericmyers
you’re my top black comic if that means anything
if you want to get race involved

Kojo: Mauer is a machine. He has something new everytime i see him

Shahryar: yeah he does

Kojo: thanks man. Your my favorite Pakastani
eff Kumail

Shahryar: lol.. I dont even know who he is

Kojo: exactly

Rida: LOL

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