Replacing the wife’s iPhone 3gs that’s being used on t-mobile

Last august I bought my wifeRida her iPhone 3GS to use with t-mobile. She had wanted one for a long time and with her n82 starting to act up ( it was past the 2 year mark at the time) and a jailbreak out for the latest firmware, it was time to finally do it.

Unfortunately though, within just a few months, she had decided that she did not want it anymore.

There were 3 main complaints.

1) too hard to type while driving, walking, etc

2) slow Internet speed (because the iphone isn’t compatible with anything other than edge on t-mobile)

3) low battery life

Regarding the first complaint, there’s nothing that can really be done. Typing while doing something is easiest on a phone with a keypad but it seems you can’t get a good keypad phone now.

So if there’s nothing that can be done for that, then at least I can see if I can find her a phone that addresses her other two problems.

Because of the time, effort, and money that was put in, I made her at least stick with it for some time. She did that So the hunt is on now. Just have to figure out what to get.

I will hen hand off this phone to my mom because 1) the iPhone’s incredibly easy to use, 2) my mom doesn’t. Really have much data need, and 3) as a result of limited use, the battery life should be fine for her.

The iPhone experience wasn’t totally negative though. She did a thousand % more win this phone than she did with her n82. Now she knows better what she can do with a phone and what she wants and needs in a phone.

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