Photographed, Recorded, and Interviewed today by the Washington Post

Today was a really fun day. But first, let me give the background.

So late last week, Curt Shackelford, the guy who runs all the great standupcomedytogo shows around DC, forwarded  an email from Washington Post writer J. Freedom du Lac.  Mr. Lac was looking to do a piece on the comedians in the area who were discussing the sequester on stage.  I reached out to Mr. Lac and let him know that I was going to hit on the sequester a little bit, but mainly from the angle of a federal employee.

Earlier in the week Mr. Lac reached out to me and we did an interview over the phone.  I told him at the end of the interview that on Thursday I would be trying my new material on the sequester at the standupcomedytogo weekly open mic at Topaz hotel. He said he would try to come out and also talk to their A/V people to come out and record me perform.

Then yesterday I got a call from Mark Miller of the Washington Post’s Photo Assignment Desk. I thought he would just be informing me of the Topaz recording arrangements. But he was actually trying to coordinate a photographer to come follow me around from my work through the transition of me getting into stand-up comedy mode. I wasn’t expecting that.

So today at 3:40pm, Joseph Stefanchik arrived to the Department of Labor and begun taking his photos. People who were walking by the cube or coming over to talk to me were were a little confused but surprisingly carried on as usual. Then the photographer followed me as I went for a run outside my building (by the scenic Capitol Building) and did a quick workout. Then finally to, during, and back from my comedy show.

Also at the actual comedy show, in addition to Mr. Stefanchik, Gabe Silverman, producer of The Washington Post’s The Fold was also present with Mr. Lac. He recorded the video of my set as planned and then also did an interview with me upstairs after my performance.

It was funny- Mr. Lac shared with me after the interview that he was worried about the set not going well. If it didn’t, they wouldn’t really know what to do with the footage and possibly the story.

Lucky for us it went well.

Update: Both Mr. Silverman’s video and Mr. Luc’s article have now been released. It was Mr. Luc’s article that used Mr. Stefanchik’s photos. Mr. Stefanchik has also put up a slideshow on his site with my pics from the day and audio from my set over it:


It’s really cool, and I’m going to ask him if I can get those pictures in hi-res.

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