Performed at Hwaida’s Amazing Private Birthday Event

I just had one of the most amazing experiences performing. Hwaida Hassanein reached out to me to do perform at her upcoming Birthday party. As is standard, I sent a list of suggestions on what things she should do on her end to help make the event better. Normally a client is usually just able to do a few things at most. But Hwaida and her family went all out!

Hwaida Hassanein set her basement up to look like a comedy club for her birthday party in prep for Shahryar’s Stand-up Comedy Performance

They did a full-on comedy club experience. There was brick wallpaper all over, the chairs all faced the front, the room was dark except for a lit stage, and best of all, an elevated stage her husband and son made for the show. When I walked in and saw the setup, I knew the show would go well.

Here’s a pic from my performance that night:

And here’s a testimonial from Hwaida about my performance:

“Shahryar was amazing at our “Comedy Club” birthday party at our home. We had around 75 guests and everyone couldn’t stop laughing. His comedy revolved around real-life scenarios and was relatable to all! My guests thanked me for days after the event, for a wonderful evening of comedy, laughter, and fun! I would recommend Shahryar to anyone who is looking to do something different than the regular style party. He keeps his audience engaged and feeds over the energy. Will definitely use him again.”

(Pic of her original e-mail)

I have a lot of repeat clients, but because of the effort this family put into the setup, I especially am looking forward to working with them again.

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