Off to a bad start with Comcast

We had been with FIOS for a few years at my family’s house and decided it was time to make the switch to a different provider after the bill had gotten so high.

On 10/6/2011 at 3:23pm I called Comcast and set up service to be installed at my house on 10/18/2011. The breakdown of our plan was going to be as follows:

  • $99 for the Digital Starter Package which included phone, 16Mbps (or mbps) Internet, and the first 100 cable channels (FX, ESPN, AMC, etc).
  • $$7 for the modem (I had gotten an old Comcast modem from my brother in law and was even told that it would work but later learned it wouldn’t because a newer modem now came with Comcast if you had phone service with them).
  • 2 HD DVR boxes for $9.95 each
  • 3 non-HD, non-DVR boxes for $2.50 each
  • Zee TV and SET Asia for $24.99
  • 300 International Minutes for $14.99 (I confirmed that the countries we usually call would be included and that calls to mobile numbers would be included as well)
  • HBO for $6

The total monthly cost was $172.38 before taxes, fees, etc.

On the day of install the Comcast Service person brought just one HD DVR box and a non-DVR HD Box. I was told to call Comcast to get the proper box sent. For now I could live without the HD DVR box so I just left it to do later.

A short while later, I received the 10/21/2011 dated bill which showed a lot of charges I wasn’t expecting and different pricing for some of the items I was expecting.

The two big issues were that:

  1. I was charged $182.14 in installation and activation fees. I was never told about these fees. I had even called again a few days later to confirm the order and still wasn’t told about the fees.
  2. Those non-HD, non-DVR set top boxes were 9.25 each not $2.50

The first month’s bill was $405.28, almost double what I expected.

The next two bills dated 11/07 and 12/07 were even worse because they had international call charges. I know we’re not going over our 300 minutes a month that are in our $14.99 international package (for some reason Comcast doesn’t give a breakdown of these international calls) a month so that means either the countries we call aren’t included and/or calls to international mobile numbers – the main way to reach people overseas- aren’t included.

These two bills were $231.06 and $226.23. The one plus in the two newer bills was that I now somehow was getting a $5 promotional credit every month.

Trying to resolve these issues has not been easy. In my first call I spoke with Barry(?) Rep ID 10195649. He offered $40 off installation cost which was a ridiculous resolution to the problem. Then he said the issue was above him and he created a ticket (ticket #003171964) and told me a supervisor would call the next day. No one called.

I then called again..
(Also, note that for me to make these calls is really annoying because I am first transferred to a bill collections person who has to manually transfer me to a live comcast rep. This is because I haven’t paid the bill yet and refuse to until I am charged properly)
… And worked my way up to a supervisor who fortunately was in. Her name was Suba Banister, she was out of the Manassas office, and her direct line # was (703) 789 8171. I told her about the unexpected charges. She said she would listen to the original recording to see what was promised by the representative who set up my service and would call me the next day.

Also on the call she adjusted the package for me on my request so I had the next 100 channels for $10 more a month (my dad wanted some more channels which were not in the starter package).

There was no call received from Suba the next day. Today, I have called and left a message for Ms. Bannister. I am waiting for a call back.

I called Comcast again, got a hold of someone else, and am now actively working with her. She started reviewing the original recording with her supervisor while I was on hold and then decided it would be better for her to just call me back after the call was reviewed.

I am waiting for the call to come back.

This whole situation has been incredibly annoying as I’m sure you can tell by reading this. I have spent hours in fgurig out what’s going on and trying to get this resolved. It’s also been a ton of cellular airtime too at my expense.

Even this post took a long time to write but I can’t think of anything else to do except write everything all out and hope someone from Comcast who really does care tries to help me.


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  • ComcastMark says:

    I sincerely apologize for the poor experience. I work for Comcast
    and I’d like to help. Please feel free to contact me, provide your info and a link to
    this page. 



    Mark Casem

    Comcast Corp.

    National Customer Operations

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