Never wanted an iPad, but now have one. My thoughts on it

The iPad

I’ve been an active mac laptop user for a little over 9 years now (ignoring the Apple IIe I had as a kid).  Unfortunately though, during the day at work, I’ve always had a different computer that I had to use (and was always a PC – yeck).  This has always meant that I have less time during the day to use my expensive mac laptop – expensive because it was always the more powerful one (then the PowerBook, now the MacBook Pro).  So in order to get my money’s worth out of my Mac, I can’t really have anything else fighting for its attention.  The exceptions are the cheaper Mac Mini computers I’ve always bought to keep at home for my days off/evenings in when I’m working around my home office.

This is why the iPad was something that I never considered owning.  I thought it seemed kind of cool but nothing for me.  Plus, when I’m on the web at home, I’m not just browsing – I’m editing videos, doing stuff with photos, have a ton of windows open.

But then in January my brother in law bought me and my wife one as a gift.  Since then we’ve both been using it here and there but not a terrible amount.  Again, most of what I do is easier on a laptop or just plain can’t be done.

But the iPad is something good for on the go – if and only if I can get internet on it all the time.  And since I don’t want to pay yet another amount a month for a data connection, this limits my options.  The best one I have come up with is to get a phone that can take its data connection and make a wifi hotspot out of it for no additional charge.   This would allow me to have something quick to work with for my stand-up.  Also, when I was traveling, it was something handy to keep on me while going around but not having a case/holder for it made me nervous.  Plus, I was traveling internationally so didn’t have data connection everywhere so I kept looking for wifi hotspots.

The iPad 2 announcement came when I was traveling and the updates that stood out to me were the lightness, thinness, and the cameras.  These updates would have been appreciated to have on my trip.  It’s definitely nothing that would make me want to upgrade from the iPad and still not enough for me to justify buying an iPad 2.

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