My Erum Baji&#039s Emails

lol… this post is actually one of the main reasons I wanted to start this blog. I wanted to post these emails from my Erum Baji (Baji means older sister, but is also used for older cousin, or older friend too out of respect).

Erum Baji is my older cousin and though she’s a very intelligent medical doctor, she can’t really type well at all. And it doesn’t make sense because she’s so educated! Anyways, here are two original, completely unedited or unaltered, e-mails Erum Baji sent me a few years ago when she first started discovering what e-mail was all about. lol… they’re hilarious. lol… I’m laughing before I even started posting… that’s how hilarious these e-mails are.

Email #1:
Sent : Tuesday, November 19, 2002 1:22 AM
To : Shahryar Rizvi, SHIRAZ , abha abbas, shahab abbas, richard ricky fremont, Zehra Naqvi
Subject : Bermuda chronicles

Well, we finally made it to Bermuda! We encountered
rain/cloudy weather today…and I lost my luggage
today…some jack ass mistakenly took my bag!..I
bought 100 dollars worth of stuff!!!!to replace
it…Should I return was in dire
emergency…Hmm mm…let me think about it… we
are living large at Fairmont Princess..I do feel like
a princess…(laugh)We just ate a huge meal..and we
walked along the was so romantic…that’s
why I am sitting and writing to you guys…khalid is
making me tea (free) from the lounge. This also where
Ie-mailingling you guys from…(free) You can do so
much when you have money!..I can’t
wait!…definitelyll defintely keep you guys informed
of my daily plans…I know you guys are so interested
in my life!

Khalid sends his regards!

love ERUM

LOL! Oh My God, that was hilarious.

Ok, here’s another one. It’s not as funny, but still pretty good:

Sent : Tuesday, January 28, 2003 1:20 AM
To : Shahryar Rizvi, SHIRAZ , Zehra Naqvi

hey every body!

this is the delaware hot line…welcome. This is the
monthly report on how we are doing. I thought that
this would be really cool idea so that every body
knows that we are alive in delaware.!

LOL again! oh man.. ridiculous… simply ridiculous. I’ll post more emails as I find them. Or if she sends me new ones. God I hope she does.

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