My Erum Baji&#039s Emails Pt. 2

Oh mannn…. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Eid came early for me this year. I just found another e-mail from my Erum Baji! You guys remember the 1st one right? And how bad I was hoping I could find another one. I had no idea she decided to send out another email from Bermuda. She really was trying to make chronicles out of this vacation!

Ok, here it is. Again, her email is completely unaltered.

Sent : Wednesday, November 20, 2002 10:25 PM
To : Shahryar Rizvi , SHIRAZ , Abbas Naqvi , Zehra Naqvi
Subject : bermuda chronicles

Well..hello(done in British accent)

We just spent today on the beach…it was
beautiful..Bermuda looks different when its sunny….I
believe I have a tan….hooray for
melanoma….yesterday was was cloudy and
rained for the evening….we called it an early
evening…pretty pathetic for us two..BUT today we
felt energized…we were beached whales!(laughter )

okay, so khalid doesn’t write stupid retarded emails
like me..but this is who I am….so love me or
not…that actually may be a song..I
feelAmericaican..everybody Britishtish…I want to
talk like them..yeah!…I will start when I get off the plane ..I will
be no longer an American….

Love me or not

khaild sends his regards separetly from mine!

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LOL! What the hell is she talking about?!

Poor girl. Does anyone here want to teach her how to type?

Update: lol.. do you know what else is funny? her e-mails are so narrow and don’t wrap around! That’s because she didn’t realize that if you keep typing past the window, it will go to the next line. Look how narrow her emails are! This isn’t because I copied and pasted wrong, this is because she kept hitting enter at the end of the lines! Nobody told her about wordwrapping to the next line!

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