My Annual Thanksgiving Videogame Fest (2005)

The Thanksgiving tradition I usually don’t break is playing video games all night after food. I remember doing this since I was a kid. I even remember doing it a few years ago with Mario Kart on N64 (crap.. or was it Christmas) where me, my 1/2 white cousins Jon and Shawn and a rotating 4th player kept playing nonstop. And we kept listening to Camp Lo – Luchini … I dont’ know why.Anyways, this year, I thought I’d keep it going with Super Mario Kart on GameCube.

We did this the whole weekend, starting Wednesday night until Saturday night. (Sunday night fell through because Mo’s a punk and couldn’t come earlier). But we played each time for like up to 8 hours non stop. It was sick…. Disgusting.. vulgar…

one of the annoying things about the gamecube though was the lack of games. At gamestop, where I bought mario kart and 3 more controllers, they had a buy 2 games get one free special. The problem was I couldn’t figure out 3 games! I ended up doing Mario Kart, the Smallville Season 2 DVD set, and a rotating 3rd game.

The “rotating” free game was at first Starfox Assault, which was terrible. Shahan said it best after the first 4 player battle match we played… “wow.. what a un-fun game.” I returned that disc the next day and punched the guy who recommended it to me. Then I got midnight club Dub edition for PS 2, which I was hesitant to purchase the whole time because a) it wasn’t 4 players, and b) it didn’t have a case.

Luckily, it didn’t work, and I took it back the next day. They had Mario Tennis which is what Shahan really recommended and they had super monkey ball 2. I went with Mario Tennis.

Note: Why didn’t I go with Super Monkey Ball 2? Because they had super monkey ball 2 used for $17. And they had super monkey ball 1 used for $17 too. So combined, used it was $34. Well, you could buy a super monkey ball 1 and 2 new boxed set for $30 at the same store! The only problem was that I HAD to get a used game as per their rules (they have a higher profit margin on used games). When I told them that this didn’t make sense – a new boxed set of 2 games costing more than each used game individually – they said simply “… yeah” and that was the end of that.

Back to Mario Tennis. At first, I was bummed because there was no manual for this used Mario Tennis, but then I noticed that there was another Mario Tennis right next to it which was a display box for a new one. That one had an instruction manual. So, like the cell phone bandit, I stayed on the phone and calmly moved the instruction manual out of the new one into the used one. I probably could have gotten this if I asked nicely, but, what’s the fun in that?

Anyways, we still haven’t played mario tennis yet. Shahan and another Mohammad I know (a big nintendo buff) has said this game is hot. Hopefully tonight I’ll get to enjoy both Mario Tennis and Mario Kart some more.


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