My 15″ 2.2ghz MacBook Pro C2D SR (owned from 2007 to 2010)

Late in September 2010 I ordered my new 15″ MacBook Pro, bringing about the end of my previous MacBook Pro’s time with me. This is the cycle I’ve been following since my first Apple purchase in 2002 (ignoring the Apple IIe I had a kid that my dad bought) – I buy an Apple notebook/laptop and sell within 3 years before the applecare is up.

Here is a breakdown of my history with my previous 15″ 2.2ghz MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo Santa Rosa:

  1. Bought 10/27/2010

    a) At the time, it was going for $1799 at the education price at the time

    b) But I bought refurb so my cost was $1699

    c) .. and I got a $100 rebate thanks to going through outside vendor (something it seems you can’t do it anymore

  2. Bought RAM less than a month later on 11/20/2007 (black friday deal) from
    Transcend RAM(   2  x 5448239 DDR2 2GB PC5300 SO-D TRA = 79.98 + S&H ($9.59) = $ 89.57

    (On 3/11/2008, e-mailed transcend about trouble w/ RAM.  They replaced free under warranty. I installed and confirmed w/ them it was fine on 4/23/2008)

  3. 10/24/2008 – Applecare purchased off of ebay for $203.95.  There was some money I got back from bing cashback for this, but can’t remember the exact amount
  4. 6/2009 – put Western Digital 320gb internal hard drive (WD3200BEVT) in laptop.  I put this in because the external enclosure I had stopped working but the actual hard drive was working ok

    (Applecare took it out during a mail-iun service later visit but it was fine and I put it back in)

  5. 10/19/2010 sold on ebay for $825:

    -$50.30 in ebay fees, -$24.23 paypal fees, and minus (?) in shipping fees.That’s the final price I got for this laptop when it was time for it to go.

    Some other completed listings around that time which were somewhat similar:

    Apple MacBook Pro 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo 4GB 200GB 15.4″ for $799 + $20ish shipping

    Apple MacBook Pro 2GHz 15.4″ Laptop 320GB HD, 2GB RAM for $649 w/ free shipping

    Apple MacBook Pro 15″ 2.2GHz, 500GB HDD, 3G RAM w/ Applecare until late March 2011 for $835ish + $35 shipping

    Apple MacBook Pro (15.4″, 2.2GHz, 500GB HDD, 4GB RAM for $900 w/ free shipping – no warranty (upper end of sale price it seems)

I did get my money’s worth w/ Applecare, here’s at least some of the applecare visits this MacBook Pro experienced:

  1. 11/19/2008 – Repair complete by applecare for when the “s” key stopped working
  2. 7/14/2009 – Repairs complete by applecare involving keyboard (primary repair), and a bunch of secondary repairs they saw fit: hinge assembly, power adapter/cord, logic board, and top case
  3. 10/7/2009 – repairs complete by applecare involving the screen which had broke (applecare still covered – w/ some pushing), new battery, and a bunch of other random things involving bracket, barrel , flex cable, etc
  4. 10/22/2009 – follow up repairs complete w/ speakers not working, keyboard and left in/out board and flex cable.  they also replaced my top case on request which was nice of them
  5. 10/13/2010 – final repair completed where something w/ memory module was done(?), the left in/out board (apparently there was distorted sound?) and a new battery was put in.  And of course they did a full inspection of everything so that is how you know you are getting the computer in its best condition

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