MacBook Air C2D – Bought in 2009, Sold in 2012: What I paid, what I got back

I purchased my wife a new 13″ 1.6ghz MacBook Air (Late 2008, Core 2 Duo, w/ 2gb RAM, 120gb Hard Drive) MB543LL/A in April 2009. It was purchased directly from Apple for $1349 + $80.94 in sales tax (I purchased it through a friend who worked for Apple so there was a discount on the price).

A year later in April 2010 I purchased the Applecare warranty for this device off of ebay for $104.99.

The total amount that had been spent on this device was $1534.93.

In March 2012, my wife replaced this computer with a refurbished MacBook Air (the latest at the time of purchase – and this post) – a 13″ 1.7GHz  i5 for $1099 + $65.94 in tax (normal retail price for this model was $1299).

The old C2D MacBook Air was put on ebay and ultimately sold for $541 + $25 shipping. Subtract the ebay fees:

  • $3.65 for listing related (bold, picture pack, value pack w/ subtitle)
  • $48.69 final value fee
  • $2.25 final value fee on shipping

And subtract the paypal $16.71 transaction fee. And finally, the actual shipping fee of  $18.45 for USPS Priority Mail.

The amount remaining of $476.25 is the final amount I got back on this computer at the end.

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