Khalid Bhai Putting Me in My Place

Sometimes, we all get a little cocky. Maybe we just got a nice new job… maybe we just got a nice new car that has navigation. It could be anything. But there are stupid things that we do when get too proud of ourselves. I think one of the most common things is to change our voicemail greeting to something like, “leave a message” and then straight to the beep. Probably the most arrogant thing you can do.

I once did this. I had a lot going for me, and I said, “it’s time.”

Well, thankfully, my Khalid Bhai came to my rescue and put me back in the place.

Check it out here (thanks Nokia 6170 for the recording capability):


My voicemail greeting now, after this brutal reminder of who I am now, is the more appropriate: “Hi, you’ve reached Shahryar. You’ve probably reached me in accident so please leave a name, number, and the real person you were trying to reach so I can help you find him or her. Sorry again for getting in your way. Love, Shahryar” Beep!

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