Issues during today’s IS 350 Oil Change

Today’s oil change was the 3rd one that I did on my in my 2008 Lexus IS 350. Unfortunately, this one turned out to be the most complicated.

1) The Assenmacher toy 640 Oil Filter Wrench I had ordered…

… got stuck on the Housing and wouldn’t come off. I tried PB Blaster but it didn’t help. I just gave up and left it on the housing. I hope it’s not a big deal.  Next time I take the car to Lexus Service, hopefully they can pull it off for me.

2) There was also something that bothered me when I pulled down the oil pan cover to expose the drain plug.  There was an extra screw that came down with it:

For anyone unfamiliar, this is the area that’s exposed when you take this cover off:

Here’s a close up of the screw:

I have no idea where this came off of.

3) I’ve always wondered what these other items are that come with the Toyota Oil Filter:

I don’t do anything with them.

4) And lastly, I forgot to use the “Gasket: Oils and Fluids-Crush Gasket (Oil drain plug) 9043012031PC.” I just pulled the old drain plug back on after it was done draining.

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