IS 350 was broken into at Greenbelt Metro

I came back from a trip to Chicago and had left my IS 350 parked at Greenbelt Metro station in Greenbelt, MD. The car was broken into while I was gone. These pics below show the damaged areas from the incident which were the window, door, and mirror:

First pic taken at Greenbelt Metro station at night while waiting on the Metro Transit Police to arrive. You can see

Next pic taken in lit garage once I arrived home that night after talking to police

This pic taken some days later at the DARCARS Collision repair center

This pic shows better the damage to housing. Originally I thought it was just the glass that was affected


I never even noticed this interior trim damage on the right driver side

I wish I had gotten pictures of all the glass that was in the car from the break-in. It was all over.

The lower right fog light was already an issue before the incident, but in doing the bumper work, I’m hoping they can fix this.

The good news with this is that 1) Nationwide seems to covering everything expected and thensome and 2) it’s the dealer carrying out the repair.

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