iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5

My wife and I have been iPhone 4S users since last Thanksgiving. There was no plan to upgrade to the iPhone 5. Assuming we were even eligible for an upgrade, we didn’t want to extend our time with Sprint because of how slow life is on here.

But, when a family member (a cell phone store owner) told me he could get me a couple at a real low price with no contract, I said sure. The cost for them would certainly be covered by reselling my current 4s.

Sure enough yesterday he got them and sent me this pic:


… and today he shipped them out.

Selling my current iPhone 4S phones:

Dealing with my wife’s current white iPhone 4S 16gb will be the most straightforward. First, before doing the ESN swap, I’m going to take the phone to the Apple store to see if there are any issues with it (mainly I’m wondering about the battery). Apple’s usually good about standing behind their warranties so if there is an issue, they’ll replace the phone with a new one, making the resale value obviously better. If not, then at least I can advertise that I just had the phone looked at by Apple and everything checked out. Alongside a still intact warranty, receipt, box, and OEM accessories, I should be able to get the best return possible.

My black iPhone 4s 16gb would be trickier because the rear glass has cracks through it. The phone is still fully functional but the physical damage means the warranty should be gone.


Luckily I have a cousin interested in buying the broken back one. I looked at the completed listings on eBay and even with a broken front screen and a bad ESN, the phones are still well a in the $200s.

I’ll price accordingly but If that falls through, then I’ll just hand the 4s to my mom and take her iPhone 4 to sell. That too has a cracked back glass but at least the hit I’d take for the physical damage won’t be as high on the 4 as the 4s.

My current iPhone accessories

As with many owners, we have iPhone/iPad/iPod wires and chargers all over the place. I’m going to miss the convenience of being able to grab a charging cable from anywhere. It’ll take time to rebuild that collection.

But the two annoying things for me are my iPhone 4/4s mophie juice pack.


That’s pretty much going to have to be sold. My mom doesn’t use the phone enough for it and it’s purple so I don’t think my dad will want it.

Also a bummer will be at work I can’t use my 4ft longer iCable anymore. The long length was handy at work.


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