Installing RAD Bike Hoist in my garage

I ordered the RAD Cycle Products Bike Hoist / Lift Bicycle Hoists, 2 Pack from Amazon in January, a few weeks after we moved into our new townhouse. But it’s been sitting for a while. We need someone to come help us install it. Also, it’s apparently not something you can easily install straightforward according to all the comments on this product.

Finally, yesterday we went to Home Depot and picked up what I believe is everything needed to install this. Here’s everything we’re working with:

Rad Bike Hoist- 2 pack

View of our garage from the driveway - further out

View of our garage from the outside-closer shot showing higher ceiling

View of our garage from the inside- focusingo n the ceiling

Our Bicycles - a Trek 7000 and a Trek Navigator 2.0

The 2"x4"s we needed (cut downt to 5ft)

Heavy-duty screws (the screws that come with the hoist are apparently real bad)

Lag bolts also needed to be purchased - didn't come with the Hoist

Flat washers also needed to be purchased

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