Funny comments on Engadget: Ice on mars and bothering Jesus

Mars Phoenix lander discovers ice on Mars

1) sinjinn’s response to this comment.

I really hope they find some microbes or something. Would this probe know if it found life? Haven’t really kept up on this one at all…
yeah , the probe would know if it found anyything , it has trained for this mission all its life and really enjoys its job . it personally requested to be sent to mars because it had always been its dream since it was a baby probe in tthe probe factory.
@sinjinn: classic
And in the Sony HDR-CX12 AVCHD camcorder captures smiles and scowls for $900 article on Engadget,  this comment on bothering Jesus was funny too.

Wow. Nice map. I didn’t realize we were so divided in WI.


This better be important!


Nice one, Jesus!

We say ‘pop’ in Canada too. I always thought it was ‘pop’ up here and ‘soda’ down there. No idea it was so regional.

Mo & Jon’s seal of approval:

Jon: why the hell are they talking about soda
Shahryar: well forget the soda discussion
look at the Jesus stuff

Jon: hahaha, i didnt even see that

– – –
msheikh25: lol!
Shahryar: haha. yep

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