First Long Drive in new 2013 RDX to Chicago

Normally,  I wouldn’t do a drive this long.  My limit is a drive to Albany which is 6 hours away.  The last time I did a long drive was almost 10 years ago during labor day 2003 to Chicago from NJ and I felt that ride was pretty tough.

However, a lot of stars aligned which made this trip to Rockford, IL (1.5 hours west of Chicago) to see my wife’s family work out.  A few of which were:

1) My wife got the sudden ability midway through the month that she can just work on her project from home for the rest of the year.  (Around this time of year, my leave is usually flexible.)
2) We didn’t know when we would leave or come back which made flying hard.  Too many factors were involved for this particular trip

3) (the biggest reason) We had just bought our 2013 Acura RDX AWD Tech in late November which was a both new and fun to drive.

4) Also, I had been feeling my car wasn’t giving me good pickup like during the test drives and I thought the culprit may have been that I wasn’t using Premium Gas (as I discussed here in this Acurazine thread).  I thought a nice drive to give the car a workout w/ nothing but premium would help.

I came back late last night from my week long trip of approx 1800 miles to, from, and around the greater Chicago-land area.  Our car, which we have now owned  for a month is now at 3k miles.

Here are the stats of our trips:

Gas – Part 1: To Rockford, IL and then some driving around greater Chicago-land area (Note, each time premium was used and each time gas was filled up all the way):

  1. 13.02g, Exxon on Old Columbia Pike in Silver Spring, MD, $3.80/gal, $49.47 – This one doesn’t really count since this was our gas RIGHT BEFORE we started our trip. However, it was the first time I put premium gas in this vehicle
  2. 9.80g, Sheetz in Monroeville, PA $3.76/gall, $36.82
  3. 5.54g, Sheetz in Streetsboro, OH, $3.55/gal, $19.64
  4. 12.75g, Atlas Oil in Ekhard, IN, $3.42/gal, $43.60 – It was in this tank that we would have enough Gas to get us all the way to Rockford, IL.  I wish I had gassed up right when I got to Rockford so I knew exactly how much gas I had consumed
  5. ?g, 7-eleven in Des Plaines IL, $/gal, $50.89 – This fillup was after arrival in Rockford, a short drive around the city that evening to show my in-laws the car, the next day during a drive to Chicago to pick up something

So those stats are only so helpful because they include driving that’s not just to the original destination.  But the ride back is when I reset-ed meters and gassed up before AND after the journey.

This following gas-up prior to departing really falls under Part 1 of the journey:

  • 8.49g, Road Ranger in Rockford IL, $3.64/gal, $30.89 – Finishing up a gift card (luckily amount of gas I needed was just a little more than what was available)
  • 1.11g, Road Ranger in Rockford IL, $3.64/gal, $4.02 – The remaining amount needed to fill up to top

Gas – Part 2: From Rockford, IL home to Burtonsville, MD with a slight, slight detour into  Chicago for Field Museum and Brunch

  1. 8.32g, BP in Ekhart IN, $3.60/gal, $29.93
  2. 7.30, Sunoco in Clyde OH, $3.42/gal, $24.97
  3. 11.72g, Sunoco in Somerset PA, $3.80/gal, $44.51
  4. 7.17g, Exxon on Briggs Chaney Rd in Silver Spring MD, $27.88 – Gas put in the car the next morning after arrival back home (before going to work)

For Part 1 of Journey (Doesn’t include initial Silver Spring gas-up, does include pre-drive back Road Ranger gas-up): 50.71 + (missing Des Plaines amount) gallons for a total cost of $185.86.
For Part 2 of Journey: 34.51 gallons for a total cost of $127.29

So as I mentioned, after I gassed up in Rockford, IL before leaving for home, I reseted the trip computer like I was supposed to at the start of the journey to IL.  So here are some more stats strictly for the ride home to Burtonsville, MD with a short, very slight detour into the city to the Field museum and a brunch place near it:

From Car:

  1. 11h20 minutes elapsed time driving
  2. 766 miles traveled
  3. 22mpg – Note, car’s Highway MPG is 27mpg according to the sticker but we maintained some pretty high speeds on the road (me more than my wife) going anywhere from 80+ mph to 100mph.  Also I downshifted when I needed to pass cars or catch up.

Time left Rockford, IL: approx 9am CST
Time left Chicago, IL (after brunch which followed the museum):  approx 1pm CST (know for sure I put money in the meter pre-brunch at 12:20pm
Time arrived home in Burtonsville, MD: approx 12:30am EST

I will put Toll information after I get it from E-ZPass

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