E-ZPass users out of the Maryland area – what do you do?

What’s everyone in the Maryland area doing for E-ZPass? I moved my E-ZPass over to Peace Bridge’s E-ZPass (now E-ZPassNY I believe) some years back because E-ZPass Maryland was going to start charging a monthly maintenance fee. At the time, and I believe still now, E-ZPass Peace Bridge/E-ZPass NY wasn’t charging the monthly maintenance fee.

However, I don’t know if you can start an E-ZPass outside of your state anymore. Which may not be that big of a deal because I think E-ZPass Maryland ‘s monthly charging system has changed and it only charges you the $1.50 for the month ONLY IF you have used an E-ZPass toll in maryland less than twice a month.

The reason I am asking is because we need to create another E-ZPass Account in my family. Between mine, my wife, parents, and brothers’ cars, before we didn’t have E-ZPass transponders in all our cars because we didn’t need it on the ones we had which we usually didn’t use for long distances.  Since we don’t have Tolls around us that was fine.

But now with ICC, I think that’s going to change. And since an account maxes out with 4 transponders we now have to create two accounts between us to accommodate all 5 transponders.

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