Changed oil on 2007 Accord i4 on my own but couldn’t do 2007 CR-V

Now that I have some familiarity with doing my oil changes, I thought I would try to do it on my wife’s 2007 Accord i4 and my dad’s 2007 CR-V.  Yesterday I swung by the dealer and picked up two of the Honda Oil Filters and washers (I should have prepared better and bought these online – or at least taken a printout with me to get these prices down):

I looked online and found the Changing The Engine Oil On The 2007 CR-V, Photo Essay thread.  This mentioned the oil filter wrench so today, I swung by Advance Auto Parts to pick it up along with the oil I would use: two Mobil 1 5w-20 5qt jugs, which came with a mobil 1 oil filter for $33.99 total each set.

I got home, got my brother and got to work.  We started with the CR-V.

After doing the first steps of warming up the car and removing the oil cap and cleaning it, I tried doing the next step of removing the oil drain plug.  Unfortunately, it was on too tight for the tools I was working with – a Stanley Socket Set Driver and Gearwrench flex wrench (both 17mm):

I did have a longer 1/2″ Ratchet but only SAE sockets (which I bought for using w/ my IS 350’s Oil Filter Wrench during the last oil change).  I needed a 17mm one:

I thought I would try to put the car on ramps now – the OP of the CR-V thread said not being on the ramp  would be harder but would be better.  But, I thought having more room would help:

But it didn’t, we still couldn’t get the oil drain plug off with either tool:

I gave up at that point.  The only thing I can think of now is to get the 17mm socket with a 1/2″ connecter for my longer ratchet.  Hopefully the more torque will help.

I tried my luck with the Accord 2007 i4 next (7th generation):

For that, I found this thread: DIY: 7th gen I4 oil change, filter from top

I repeated the same initial steps of warming up the engine and cleaning around the oil cap area and leaving it loosely on.  With the oil drain plug being so accessible from the front, this was much easier and I had the oil drained in minutes after beginning:

Unfortunately I didn’t lay enough newspaper down though because there was some splatter:

To deal with this, I threw some liquid detergent over the oily areas RIGHT before a heavy thunderstorm came through.  I’m not sure how good that dealt with it but it’s the only thing I knew that could work.

With the oil pretty much drained, I reached from above and pulled the oil filter out.  It came out pretty easily, I didn’t even need the oil filter wrench.  I threw it in a zip lock bag (tip from the DIY: 7th gen I4 oil change, filter from top thread).  I then took the new oil filter and put a little new clean oil in it (Wasn’t sure how much I was supposed to put in) and also applied oil around the circular opening parts.  My brother and I both struggled to put the oil filter back on, it was a little more difficult but finally did.  Then threw a new washer on the oil drain plug and put that back in.

Next I started putting the oil in which was most of the 5qt Mobil 1 5w-20 jug in but not entirely.  I knew it wouldn’t take all 5 quarts and I was on ramps and needed to be on flat ground to see how much I needed.  I took the car off the ramps and got onto a flat surface but by then it started raining.  Tomorrow I have to put the remaining necessary oil into the car.

I came back after the rain and also resetted the maintenance minder:

This oil change was done at 49,623 miles and the car was -5111 miles past when the maintenance minder wanted me to do the oil change. I have to do some more research now to figure out how far I can take this oil, if I can change the filter and push the oil longer (like I plan to do in my IS 350).  Also, if it’s ok to use the Mobil 1 M1-110 Oil Filters that I got free with the mobil 1 oil.


  • ya says:

    oil needs to be changed every 5k, Biggest thing to have engine problems is not changing the oil frequently!

  • mshopper2 says:

    Shahryar, Correct, synthetic can go 10k. The maintenance minder probably would not know if using regular or syn and will go off at the same preset interval. One memory trick is to make future changes at 10K intervals. As your last change was at 49.6k the next change should be at 60k and 10k there after. I assume you know how to turn off the maint minder light 🙂

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