Can’t share the ethernet connection via Airport on my Mac (at a hotel, on my MacBook Pro 2.4ghz i5)

I’m in a hotel that has a wired Ethernet connection which I paid for. I wanted to share it over wifi but it’s not working.  I found instructions on the web on pages such as Turn Your Mac into a Wireless Router and  How to Share an Ethernet Connection Over WiFi (by Lawrence Nyveen).  But it’s not working for me.  I tried off my iPod Touch and my wife’s MacBook Air.  Here are some screenshots:

The main networking screen on the host computer. I can browse the web fine.
On my iPod Touch, I can see the network being shared from the host computer, I can connect to it, but can’t browse the web with it (even after restarting the device)
I then gave up and tried to get on via the MacBook Air but that wouldn’t work.  Here are settings on there:
Now I have to resort to sharing over Bluetooth which is working

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