Broken 2008 IS 350 Mirror and Repairing It

Last week someone hit my IS 350 mirror in the morning.  When I walked out to my car, this is what I saw:

Some more pictures:

I took it to Lexus of Silver Spring the next day.  They said the actuator was broken and I could either replace the Actuator Sub-Assy (87908-53250-B0) $319.86, with labor $455.  Or I could get the Mirror Sub-Assy (87901-53070-B0) which would be $372.17 but easier to install.

Below are scans of the documents I brought back from Lexus of Silver Spring:


I posted on ClubLexus abbout this issue and a member had a used actuator for sale.

I purchased that in late October and finally in early December, had a chance to take the car to the Lexus dealership with this actuator. I was told then that the actuator was not enough and that the entire sub assembly and glass were needed.  Since the Sub Assembly included the actuator and you could not buy the sub assembly without the actuator, I had to purchase the actuator even though I had one.  But perhaps this was for the better because I don’t think the Dealer could use the used actuator for what was needed (I asked for them to try and leave the new actuator part untouched).

I Was also told the actual glass for the mirror was needed as well.

I went with Sewell Lexus for the parts since they seemed the cheapest there with my ClubLexus discount.  The Mirror glass was $274.10 and the sub assembly was $219.34.  The total with shipping and the two windshield wiper inserts I ordered was $528.66.

I placed the order for this in Late December and yesterday I took the car in to the dealer. The dealer said the cost of labor would be higher now at $200 because the studs needed to be found.  They said they couldn’t use the used Actuator but were able to use the old glass.  That means that I can return the new glass to ClubLexus and get a refund for that (as of right now, I have just submitted the RMA and am waiting approval).

I have started a thread in the member’s classifieds section of ClubLexus to try and sell the Used Actuator I never used and am including the remains of my broken, replaced right side mirror as well in case anyone finds it useful.

Here are some additional pics which were requested by a member of the parts I have:

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