Association of Indian Muslims of America (AIM)’s Eid Event Stand-up comedy performance

I was actually booked for this event through the DC Improv in Washington, D.C. Mona, one of the organizers in the Association of Indian Muslims of America (AIM), had seen me perform at the Improv sometime prior to the date of this show. She thought I would be a good fit for their Eid event in Rockville, MD.

The event went very well and the crowd had a good time. Afterwards, I received the following message from AIM:

Shahryar performed a 30 minute stand-up comedy act at the annual dinner of the Association of Indian Muslims of America in Rockville, MD.  The audience of about 150 people connected very well with Shahryar’s comedy act and his jokes.  In his rendition he interpretted daily activities of work and pleasure with very insightful humour that made us think of those occurrences in a light that we had not thought before.  With his jokes on the generation gap he enlivened the audience that was a mix of young people and middleaged people. His jokes on how immigrants are adopting to the US way of life was another rib tickling feature of his performance.

Here is a link to the image of the e-mail.

The organizers also shared these pictures:

(I left them small because they were blurry big)


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