April-purchased Mac Mini 2.53ghz and Dell U2410 are now finally set up in my home office

Finally made progress in our townhome’s home office tonight reaching the computer milestone.  Here’s a pic:

I opened the Mac Mini and Dell U2410 that had just been sitting for over a month and a half.  The reason for delay was that I wanted to extend out the Galant table we got from ikea and was never getting around to it, had an issue w/ the frames being wrong, etc. 

I wonder how much money I’ve lost in productivity and just product depreciation due to this.  I Had first ordered the Mac Mini (2.53ghz w/ 4gb RAM and 320gb Hard Drive back on 4/10.  The Dell U2410 Monitor was ordered on 4/18 and delivered on 4/23. The Apple A1048 keyboard and Pro Mouse M5769 were picked up off of Craigslist on 4/29.  Everything’s been sitting there for a month and half.  Now I’m finally going to start using it.

Still need a chair for the home off and also speakers.  Will probably update the mouse soon too because I can’t right click w/ it and it doesn’t have a scroll button thing (Might be able to try some software add on to use the pressure points on side of the mouse for something though)

The next step is to restart the computer from scratch to delete anything unnecessary that was installed (printer drivers, garageband, etc).  I’m not sure how much more I will salvage but of my current 320gb hard drive (or whatever it really equates to), I think I have 307 available.  Here are some pics of the settings screen pre-restart:

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