Applecare put on my MacBook Pro AFTER the One Year Deadline

The MacBook Pro was purchased on 9/26/2010

I bought my MacBook Pro on 9/26/2010. On 10/4/2011, I remembered that I was supposed to put Applecare on it.

I gave a call in the daytime to Applecare and spoke with a rep but was told it was too late to put on. I asked to speak to the supervisor, and he said he would see what he can do. But then the called back later and said he couldn’t put it on.

I tried my luck and called again in the evening. I told the new rep that the same thing: that I wanted to put Applecare on and was only a few days out. He looked and he said, “uh, according to this, you bought this laptop last week.” I replied that I didn’t and that it was a year and a week ago. He said, “nope, says here it was a week ago.” I stopped arguing. And with that, I got it put on. He even let me use my student discount for $239.

Attached is a screenshot showing that the Applecare now ends on 10/7/2013 which makes no sense since it shows the laptop wasn’t in fact bought a week ago like the Rep said was in his system but the date doesn’t match today (10/4) either.

I wonder if the earlier rep or supervisor felt bad he/she couldn’t help and moved my days up incase I tried again? Who knows.

Update: On October 6th I got an e-mail saying that my Applecare date had been updated to September 2014.  Below is an updated screenshot of my Computer’s warranty according to Apple:

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