Adding HID Bulbs to a 2006 Lexus IS (2IS) so simple?

A co-worker of my dad had given my dad these Lexus HID Bulbs ( ” Toyota Bulb, HID, 90981-20024″) sometime back:

My dad gave them to me to keep as bulbs to use if the HIDs in my 2008 Lexus IS 350 ever went out. I didn’t know if these were really compatible but held onto them.

But them my dad got a used 2006 IS 350 which didn’t come with HIDs. He asked for the bulbs back to put in his car so he could have HID. I didn’t think that it was a simple as putting in HID Bulbs into a car for it to have HID lights, I thought it was a whole projector system.

But today I took the car to the Lexus Dealer and was told that it would cost $135 to install these bulbs and my dad would indeed have HID bulbs in his IS. I was surprised. I asked if it was as simple as swapping out the bulbs. He said it was more involved then that. Specifically, there would be some disassembly and programming involved.

Unless there’s an easy DIY, or a cheaper but reputable place to go to, I plan to have the dealer do it for the $135 in the near future.

So far I have discussed on ClubLexus here and here.

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