A funny comment on Joystiq: What beloved console’s post does to PiemanPieman

This link on the Bluth and Co. treat fans as Dragon’s Lair turns 25 post on Joystiq made made me laugh.

Posted: Jun 21st 2008 10:06AM(Unverified) said

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ummm… what is wrong with this statement: 

We highly recommend the BD version, which plays exactly like the original coin-op

Meaning what? The blu-ray disc version? Which you play on what? The system bar says, “arcade, retro.”

What system is this for? Do I play it on a “dvd” player with a remote? Hello you’re stupid?


Posted: Jun 21st 2008 1:02PM PiemanPieman (Unverified) said

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Your post makes my brain cry.


Posted: Jun 23rd 2008 10:53AM(Unverified) said

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Wait, what?


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