6 months of Verizon FIOS at townhouse- I’d like to cut down

I moved into my newly constructed townhouse in late December, got my first FIOS bill on 12/28, and have now received my latest 6/28 bill. 6 months later, I’d like to pay less.

My past three bills (4/28, 5/28, and 6/28) have been around $145 a month.

The breakdown is:

  • $75 for FIOS Ultimate HD, $50 for FIOS Internet 35/35 and a $15 bundle credit taking that down to $110.
  • Then it’s $17 for my HD DVR rental
  • Then $17 for HBO minus $8.50 for the promotion credit making that $8.50 total.
  • Then it’s about $10 in fees, surcharges etc

One issue is the HD DVR cost.  Since my 12/28 bill, HD DVR has been at $15.99 until 5/28 when it went to$16.99. The $1 jump wasn’t too big a deal. But Beginning July 15th, the HD DVR will go up another $2 a month apparently according to my 5/28 bill note.

Before that were the first four awkward bills where initial charges were occurring and adjustments were going on.  Those 4 bills at the core were the same as my latest bills, but had the following differences:

12/28: $195.63
This bill was $50 over the norm. The big culprit were the pro-rated charges to go from 12/22-12/27, the official start of my billing cycle. That broke down to FIOS TV Ultimate $15 + FIOS 35/35 Internet $10 – $3 = $22. Also HBO at $3.40-$1.70 50% off premium channel promo.  And finally the HD DVR charge at $3.20. This adds up to $27.

The remaining $23 of the issue come from a $5 and $1 Verizon FIOS Internet Service fee. And also my FIOS Internet Activation Fee of $49.99 broken down into $16.67 a month.  I disputed both of these charges.

The FIOS TV Activation Fee and the Router and Installation Charge were all waived.

1/28 and 2/28/2012: $165.78

The next two bills saw the same two charges I had issues with occur, both totalling $5 for the Verizon FIOS Internet Service and the remaining two charges of $16.67 for 3-part activation fee.

3/28/2012: $128.12

My disputes of the Verizon FIOS Internet Service charge were honored and were reflected on this bill with a $16 refund. But my activation fee dispute was never honored.  I’ll bring it up again when I call to discuss lowering my bill.

I don’t think I need my internet to be as fast and I don’t think I need as many channels.  The ultimate package worked out because I thought I needed fast internet and I really wanted Showtime. But showtime only has a couple good shows and I’m wondering if its worth it to keep just for those few shows.

I may also add Starz/Encore because I just saw on my latest bill it’s $5 a month to add them.

Let’s see what else they can do.

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